Loving Your Baby... 2nd Edition

Loving Your Baby... 2nd Edition


Imagine loving an unborn baby so deeply, knowing that when you say “hello” it may also mean “goodbye,” that loving your baby unconditionally may become one of life’s most altering and meaningful experiences. You may be reviewing this book because your baby has received a difficult prenatal diagnosis, or perhaps your newborn baby has complications or a condition so severe that he or she is not expected to live very long. In the chapters of Loving Your Baby... you will find gentle guidance, reassurance and loving support throughout your pregnancy, your baby’s birth and his or her precious lifetime. This book provides parents, families and caregivers with practical wisdom. Written in a gentle tone, it helps guide parents on a journey through their baby’s life-limiting diagnosis while honouring a baby’s lifetime, regardless of longevity.

Designed to help parents and professionals navigate the journey surrounding a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis through the death of a baby, Loving Your Baby... authenticates the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of parents and their baby when death tragically comes at the beginning of life. This tender and heartwarming book can serve as a valuable resource for parents, families and medical professionals who may experience the loss of a child.

Loving Your Baby... includes separate sections on a life-limiting prenatal diagnosis, miscarriage, premature and full term birth as well as guidance for planning a memorial service and facing the journey of grief. The book includes personal photos, extensive table of contents, list of works consulted, resources and a detailed index.

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    Loving Your Baby... A Gentle and Practical Guide to Parenting Through Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death
    2nd Edition, 2016
    Paperback, 90 pages
    ISBN 978-0-9939237-0-8
    October, 2014